The aim of the website is to assist our readers to follow the latest developments in the Hungarian-Romanian relations, to provide information about different programs organized by the Embassy, and also practical information about consular issues that most directly concern our citizens.

For Hungary it is of great importance to have good relations with its neighboring countries, therefore we strive to accomplish common projects with Romania helping to develop and enrich our co-operation on the bilateral level. I do consider the connection of our countries’ transport, telecommunication and energy network of crucial importance. The fact that both countries are full members of NATO and the European Union creates favorable conditions and background for the development of our relations.

The economic possibilities and advantages that are based on the geographical proximity make Romania as one of the most important commercial partners of our country. The most striking example of it is the fact, that our Eastern neighbor is the second/third largest export market for Hungary for quite some time now. According to the official statistical data of 2015, there were more than 12 thousand companies with Hungarian capital share present on the Romanian market.

In the Hungarian-Romanian relations we attach utmost importance to the national policy of the Government of Hungary aiming to preserve and enrich the spiritual, material and cultural identity of the aproximately 1.5 million Hungarians living in Romania. By the means of simplified naturalisation procedure as of 2013 there were many to obtain the Hungarian citizenship. This task continues to be a happy one for us, as the Hungarian community living in Romania is still enthusiastic about this possibility.

I do hope that with the help of our website, apart from providing information about Hungary, we can contribute to the strengthening of the ties between our countries.


Botond Zákonyi