On 9 May 2023, Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary paid an official visit to Oradea/Nagyvárad, where together with Attila Cseke, Minister of Development, Public Works and Administration of Romania, he participated in the opening of the next seven-year cycle of the Interreg program supporting cross-border cooperation. In his opening speech, Minister Szijjártó said: bilateral cooperation is of strategic importance in which the Interreg program supporting border developments between Hungary and Romania also plays a meaningful role, as this enables the border communities to get even closer to each other and to benefit even more from their cross-border proximity. Between 2021 and 2027, a total of HUF 56 billion can be spent on such developments in the fields of cultural heritage protection, tourism, environmental protection, disaster management, education and health cooperation. Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said at a meeting with local businessmen in Oradea/Nagyvárad: Hungary and Romania are launching a joint economic development program in order to benefit from investments in the automotive industry in Eastern Hungary on the other side of the border. We would like the counties of Bihor/Bihar, Arad, Satu Mare/Szatmár and Sălaj/Szilágy and the people living here to benefit from these great investment success stories in Eastern Hungary. This is good for Romania and the Romanian economy, good for Hungary and the Hungarian economy, good for the people living here, including the Hungarian people living here”. He also confirmed: they will continue the successful Transylvanian economic development program, within the framework of which HUF 174 billion worth of investments have been realized with HUF 88.5 billion budget support. After that, with the participation of the Hungarian minister, the kindergarten of the Királyhágómellék Reformed Church District was inaugurated in the Velența/Velence neighbourhood of Oradea/Nagyvárad, which was completed within the framework of the Hungarian government's Carpathian Basin kindergarten development program. “The community of Hungarians lives scattered in several states of the Carpathian Basin, and this imposes an important task on the current government of the mother country, so it must, among others, ensure the conditions for the preservation of their Hungarian identity. And this must be started as soon as possible in one’s lifetime, already in childhood; and the realization of this made us launch the Carpathian Basin kindergarten development program, which is the key to maintaining the Hungarian identity” - he emphasized.